Relentless social justice attorney Emilia is used to winning and never says no to a good challenge. Now, she may have met her match as her latest witness turns a simple interview into a sexually charged battlefield that leaves neither party unscathed.

Attorney Emilia Hosu specializes in social cases, which she takes on pro-bono. Her latest case involves a local community of farmers. As our story begins, Emilia's on her way to interview former chemical engineer Nae, in his apartment in a lower middle class neighbourhood in Bucharest. Nae is set to be testifying as an expert on the effects of chemicals on soil fertility.

As the interview progresses, it becomes obvious that they disagree on everything from parking etiquette to political ideology. What starts out as a witness interview on a dry topic soon turns into a tug-o-war between these two people who never know too well whether they want to fight or fuck each other. Both are frustrated with the encounter and dissatisfied with the result. They are about to call it a night. Before leaving, Emilia goes to the bathroom.

As Emilia comes out of the bathroom, she's confronted with...

... a massive penis that Nae is affectionately massaging into an erect state.

At the point of no return, she chooses to go forward. She stays. They have sex. It's strange, combative sex. For most of the scene, Emilia appears to be winning. So he cheats. He stealths her, taking off his condom when she isn't paying attention and intentionally cums inside her. Nae finally gets his moment of satisfaction. But the moment is short-lived, because Emilia, with great difficulty, reveals to him that she has HIV. He doesn't believe her. She convinces him.

We then follow Emilia as she's driving aimlessly, laughing hard of the prank she just pulled. In the meantime, back at Nae's apartment, we see the realisation sinking in, that he might have HIV. He finds Emilia's wallet on the table, just where she left it when she took out a condom. He picks it up. He finds her ID card inside. The next shot is of Nae pedalling hard on his bike.

Later in the evening, Emilia arrives back at her apartment. She's more composed now, as she gets out of the car in her private parking lot in her fancy building. Emilia arrives at the marbled ground floor. As she walks and sees a huge, red graffiti on the mirror entrance: 'Emilia Hosu has HIV’.


Directed by Ioana Păun, Script by Smaranda Nicolau after a story by Ioana Păun, Set and costume design: Adeline Bădescu, DOP: Radu Gorgoș, Edit: Letiția Ștefănescu, Sound: Laurențiu Coțac, Executive production: Biatrice Cozmolici
Starring: Doina Teodoru, Alexandru Ion