We’re looking for the artist who can give a shape to violence

The Birth of Violence is an international coproduction with the participation of Le phénix scène nationale, Theâtre les Tanneurs, Europalia, Romania–France Season, The National Cultural Funds Administration (AFCN) and The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC).
The performance is directed by Ioana Păun and written by French playwright Amine Adjina and it’s joined by a team of artists, researchers and citizens from the cities through which it will travel. The performance speaks about ideological violence and will have the French premiere in November 2019 and the Belgian one in December 2019.

The team is looking for young performers with experience in the performing arts (actors, visual artists, choreographers, dancers, etc.), good speakers of French, with stage presence and availability for 45 days of rehearsals and travelling in Romania (Bucharest), France and Belgium, in the period September – October 2019, 17 – 24th November 2019 and 17-20th December 2019. The rehearsals, international representations, accommodation and meals during the travel will be covered by the organizers. The performance will be presented in French and the rehearsals will take place in Romanian or English. The performer will also work with a rock and sculpting tools. Experience is preferable, but not necessary.

The casting will have two parts. For the first part we will need:

1. CV/Bio
2. Link site/video with the previous projects you have worked at
3. The answer to the question: “Why would anyone chose a radical/violent way?”
4. A self-taped video of maximum 5 minutes where you will use a given French text and the interpretation of an action that you consider to be radical, in relation to the theme of the project.
You can choose between the following two texts: or
The videos are to be sent by you tube/vimeo link or through transfer (wetransfer)

Email address :
Deadline for sending the materials is 1 June 2019. The second part of the casting will take place in June 2019 in Bucharest (MNAC) or via Skype for those who do not live in Bucharest or Romania.

More about the project

The director Ioana Păun has discussed in her recent projects the Milennials’ culture and about human behaviors in extreme situations. It investigates the violence of extremism beyond recent debates and is part for the larger project “1989 Youth breaking the Wall of Berlin” (“1989 Tineri spărgând zidul Berlinului”).

By juxtaposing debate and performance, The Birth of Violence offers an unbiased lucid perspective on extremism, on the emotional existence of radical youth and on how society deals with all this.
With Amine Adjina, French author who has studied the process of radicalization within the French Muslim world, Ioana Paun undertakes an unprecedented research project - both artistic, cultural and social - on violent radicalism and brings together artists, citizens and thinkers from around the world to confront them on this subject. The show premieres at the Phenix de Valenciennes, in November 2019.

The team: Dramaturgy: Amine Adjina │Direction: Ioana Păun │ Live cinema: Răzvan Leucea │Producer: Irina Marinescu│Communication: Evantia Barca

For any other information you can contact us at:
Foto credit: Andrei Pungovschi