Emilia Hosu has HIV
, my debut short, won the Local Competition at TIFF, an award of 15.000 Euros that will be invested in my next production. The film has been awarded with Critics Jury Award at FEKK Slovenia in 2021 and Best Actress, Best supporting actor, Critics Award and Best Soundtrack at La Femme Festival in Paris. The film trailer can be seen here.

Sending art to Gaza
made in collaboration with UK Pakistani playwright Aisha Zia is an initiative where artists from around the world are invited to send an object to Gaza in protest of the postal ban by Israel. Gaza is confronted with a mail ban that makes it almost impossible for Palestinians living there to receive or send goods from abroad. It was presented at the Ashtar International Youth Festival, 6th edition with the British Council.


I am devising a show happening across Bucharest skateparks, commissioned by Masca Theatre, that tells the story of three teens that accidentally ignite an entire building while fireboarding.