Foarte Mic Theatre, Bucharest [2012]

Another way to empathize with disability. The audience connects to the live thoughts of deaf people while their emotions get sonically revealed. They gain access to the perception of those who cannot perceive sound. The performance is based on a research inside public institution accessed by hearing disabled: the school for hearing impaired, the police and public transport. ZERO DECIBELS viscerally redefines abuse and discrimination through the mere use of sound and silence.

Directed by Ioana Păun│Written by Mona Bozdog│Sound: Sever Bârzan│Set and costume design: Andrada Chiriac│Movement design: Paun Dunca│Starring: Mihaela Rădescu, Paul Dunca, Sever Bârzan, Alexandru Potocean, Ștefan Lupu, Claudia Prec.
Produced by Teatrul Foarte Mic, Bucharest.

Teatrul Foarte Mic
2012 International Festival of New Drama, Timișoara

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