CONCERT IN FABRICA is a live performance happening inside a factory, designed by me together with musician Andrei Dinescu and will involve workers, industrial machines and the relation between them. It will be presented both live and as video work and will have an album released on local radio stations. The work will start in April 2023 and will premiere this summer.

I am starting some extensive workshops for emerging performance artists and dancers, both at National Dance Center and the MA in Theatre at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj, in March-May 2023. The focus will be on the relation of the performer with the audience and the emotionality that can emerge from that as well as using public spaces as sites of near-cinematographic live experiences for the public.

12, 13, 15 January 2023 / Teatrelli, Goethe Institute and the public space between them.
”The Others” offers access to the affective intimacy of another person. We have created a chain of three relational situations in order to discover the diversity of human responses to the display of emotions. The performance is for one audience member. More info here

Emilia Hosu has HIV
, my debut short, won the Local Competition at TIFF, an award of 15.000 Euros that will be invested in my next production. The film has been awarded with Critics Jury Award at FEKK Slovenia in 2021 and Best Actress, Best supporting actor, Critics Award and Best Soundtrack at La Femme Festival in Paris. The film trailer can be seen here.