Participative theatre project, LUCRĂTOR 2.0, brings together five young adults living a fragile moment of their development. They have in common the fact that they were born in the past 25 years and they are not having a job at the moment.
Andrei, Răzvan, Elly, Bogdan and Norbert expose their personal experiences and their attitude towards labour, social pressure, money, freedom, frustration while, at the same time, decompose the mechanisms of the most problematic economic reorganisation phenomenon after the fall of Ceaușescu – Privatisation.

Directed by: Ioana Păun│Associated Artist: Florin Caracala│Set: Maria Pitea│Video: Andrei Cozlac│With: Bogdan Căian, Răzvan Chirilă, Norbert Kaszonyi, Elisaveta Cira, Andrei Ştefan│PR and Communication: Dora Mircea-Radu

Fabrica de Pensule (Paintbrush Factory)
National Theatre Iasi
National Theatre Timisoara
Teatrul Toma Caragiu Ploiesti
National University of Theatre and Film
Farmec Factory


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