Salonul de Proiecte, 2016

Family Photos, Furniture, 60 TV-Toys, Commercial Stand, Video

It is 1990, Ioana is 6 years old and has just landed in Bahghad. Her parents work there and the city is gorgeous. Saddam Hussein is posted on every wall and singers dedicate songs to him on the television. Ioana sits on her armchair and looks daily at the man with the moustache. He must be very loving, she thinks.
This work is an affective process of overlapping her childhood memories of Baghdad with what she found out after, during the wars in Irak. A process somewhat impossible to bring to an end.

Gadget assemblage: Arpad Rostas

Official webpage of the collective exhibition ”Space is not the final frontier”

Video Cast: Eva Crișan, DOP: Iulia Voicu