National Museum of Contemporary Art [2016]

In order to exist, all current and future events - from global pandemics to cyberattacks, terrorist killings or creation of life in laboratory - need a set-up stage for their performance to be both produced and consumed that is, our overarching network of multimodal communication. "This is a Set-up" installation proposes a meditative walk in a power-laden space of immersive communication, imagined in a series of 3 dioramas, or stages. The exhibition is hosting across its duration live events, broadcasts and re-enactments with media experts from Romania.

Curator: Alexandru Bălășescu
Artists: Ioana Păun and Cătălin Rulea
Architect: Cristina Nicolaescu
Level 3, hall 2
10.11.2016 – 15.01.2017


Imaginile intens mediatizate│SCENA9
Winter 2016 / spring 2017 exhibition program│e-flux
(Re)construcţia realului în imaginaţie│DILEMA